Advanced customer support automation solutions for next generation service providers

Fenavic Studio

Fenavic Studio provides a service environment tailored specifically to serve organizational needs:

Fenavic Studio is a sophisticated yet easy to use visual environment for the design, modeling and simulation of common next generation service diagnostic scenarios.

Based on a modular methodology, knowledgeable technicians and engineers have created a series of advanced troubleshooting processes. These processes are able to translate business and technical logic into workable troubleshooting templates, offering:

  • Full and ready to use troubleshooting flow template libraries
  • Sequence and flow templates customizable according to specific needs
  • Simple addition of organizational network devices to the existing system's Device Catalog
  • Easy visual integration of organizational data sources, such as web services, databases and files
  • Ongoing scenario maintenance options with KPIs and process optimization functions
  • Formation of an organizationally accessible center of knowledge, reclaiming knowledge ownership from employees to the organization
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