Advanced customer support automation solutions for next generation service providers

Fenavic Solutions

Enable execution of repeatable, reusable and measurable automatic testing and diagnostics procedures.

Our service excellence solutions are adaptable to all types of service providers, including Wireless, Wireline and Cable operators. They enable execution of repeatable, reusable and measurable automatic testing and diagnostics procedures, using a platform that excels in agility, customizability and self learning.

Fenavic Suite, advanced automatic test and diagnostics solutions platform, is an innovative tool enabling service providers to identify, diagnose and repair problems in next-generation services - automatically, across convergent networks, with multiple domains, vendors and technologies. With Fenavic Suite automatic identification, diagnosis and repair of system malfunctions are achieved effectively, efficiently, and accurately - saving up to hundreds of minutes per complaint cycle, and sending customer satisfaction rates soaring above the charts.

Now service providers can use Fenavic to accelerate the deployment of new content and services, while extracting maximum value and reducing network operating expenses dramatically.

With Fenavic Suite service providers can establish a sustainable competitive advantage in hyper-competitive and mature markets, win customers and retain them, and innovate with new technologies and new multimedia services.

Cable Solutions, Fenavic

Cable Operators

Introduce new and path braking standards for DTV, VoIP, broadband, internet and multimedia, providing customers high-end service for the same investment.

Wireline Solutions, Fenavic

Wireline Service Providers

Create one central console of knowledge, control and operations of service procedures, accessible to all customer support representatives. Drive customer retention and revenue growth with voice, data, content and multimedia offerings - all over NGN networks.

Wireless Solutions, Fenavic

Wireless Service Operators

Offer exceptional service for your voice, messaging, internet and multimedia customers. Introduce services to market rapidly and successfully, with increased speed, responsiveness, and quality.

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