Advanced customer support automation solutions for next generation service providers

Fenavic Mentor

Fenavic Mentor reduces trouble ticket escalation - and dramatically shortens complaint management cycles.

Equip call center representative with a step by step diagnostic tool which knows how to identify service problems as network related workable trouble tickets. Once identified, it will guide them step by step through most tickets to complete problem resolution, quickly and accurately, without changing your desktops.

With Fenavic Mentor CSRs can solve most problems within a few minutes, saving an average of 120 minutes per ticket, and
reducing the need for escalation to higher level support experts by more than 90%.

  • Allows over 90% of customer complaints to be solved by first level CSRs
  • Automatically escalates unresolved problems, in fully informative formats
  • Optimizes interaction time between your CSRs and your customers
  • Cuts training costs with a step by step troubleshooting wizard
  • First level support reps become trustable professionals
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