Advanced customer support automation solutions for next generation service providers

Your Customers win great service - Your Company wins customers.

Comprehensive complaint treatment orchestration

Fenavic Suite is an advanced and highly innovative automatic customer support, test and diagnostics platform designed expressly to meet the specific needs of next generation service providers.

Our products offer full automation of complete trouble ticket service cycles. The result is an all around efficiency revolution - beginning with organizational service procedures, through meeting end-users' needs.

The Suite constitutes a full and comprehensive automated complaint management solution which can be integrated into almost any existing system. Each product can also be integrated separately or in any partial combination.

Fenavic Mentor

Reduces trouble ticket escalation - and dramatically shortens complaint management cycles.

Arm call center representative with a diagnostic tool which knows how to identify service problems as network related workable trouble tickets. Once identified, it will guide them step by step through most tickets to complete problem resolution, quickly and accurately, without changing their desktops.

Fenavic Studio

Provides a service environment tailored specifically to serve organizational needs.

Easily design and model your diagnostic tool and create organizationally specific next generation service scenarios of advanced troubleshooting processes.

Fenavic Inspector

Dynamically learns the service layout and diagnoses the problem - instantly.

With Fenavic Inspector you get advanced troubleshooting features with an in-depth perspective. There are no "lesser skilled" support professionals - every support rep can carry out complex troubleshooting assignments.

Fenavic Corrector

Saves time and money with automatic active system repair function.

Enable your TSRs to actively repair customer complaints in a fraction of the time with automatic and configurable repairing procedures, followed by end to end service tests.

Fenavic Self-Care

Enables 24/7 customers' interactive access to their accounts.

Reduce live calls while improving customer satisfaction: with Fenavic Self-Care customers enjoy a 24/7 interactive access to their accounts, via a series of web pages, linked from your company's website, customizable according to your needs.

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