Advanced customer support automation solutions for next generation service providers

Fenavic Self-Care

Enables 24/7 customers' interactive access to their accounts

With Fenavic Self care customers enjoy a 24/7 interactive access to their accounts, via a series of web pages, linked from your company's website, customizable according to your needs.

Experience shows that this improves the quality of the service and reduces churn dramatically due to higher customer satisfaction rates, while reducing amount of live support calls. It also enables direct contact with the customers, including personalized offers, messages and simple automatic online services.

Retail customers:

  • Get access to company information whenever needed, to determine trouble sources, retrieve historic information and reports, and run simulations
  • Control progress of new services and trouble tickets at any time
  • Enjoy complete service transparency

Business customers:

  • Reclaim control over services and expenditure
  • Reclaim control over service availability

Partners and suppliers:

  • Gain better control over leased services - hence customers
  • Encourage customers' self-management of most business interactions with the service provider.
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