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Fenavic Corrector

Fenavic Corrector saves time and money with an automatic active system repair functions.

With Fenavic Corrector MTTR can be reduced dramatically. The Corrector enables TSRs to actively repair customer complaints in a fraction of the time with automatic and configurable repairing procedures, as well as end to end service tests.

During the process Fenavic Corrector communicates tasks to its agents and to the network itself. With its built-in testing capabilities, Corrector will notify the relevant systems when the service is up and running.

  • Executes service repairing process in the most efficient and controlled way
  • Runs recovery procedures seamlessly in convergent environments - regardless of vendor or technology
  • Cuts costs with predefined recovery procedures for various services and vendors
  • Easily connects to your existing BSS and OSS, using standard interfaces and simple configuration tools
  • Keeps improving your processes with imbedded self learning mechanisms
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