Advanced customer support automation solutions for next generation service providers

Fenavic Inspector

Dynamically learns the service layout and diagnoses the problem - instantly.

With Fenavic Inspector there are no "lesser skilled" support professionals - every support rep can carry out complex troubleshooting assignments. Supply your TSRs with a trouble resolution tool which dynamically learns the service layout and diagnoses the problem instantly.

Advanced troubleshooting features provide CSRs and TSRs with an in-depth perspective using a customer service configuration map which highlights the progress of the troubleshooting process, offering:

  • Four operational modes: CRM operated, manual, scheduled or customer self care
  • Instant detection of root causes to escalated trouble tickets using multiple built in capabilities
  • A simple integrative to existing BSS and OSS, using standard interfaces and easy to use configuration tools
  • User friendly graphic presentation of the service layout, across multiple domains, technologies and vendors
  • Scheduled operation features which activate preventive measures to detect and fix problems even before they are discovered
  • Elimination of swivel-chair inefficiencies - with a uni-console centralizer of multi-sourced data
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